Casino Game Odds To Your Advantage

Whether you gamble in Vegas or are part of the new breed of online casino gamblers, if you want to be a successful gambler, it is crucial that you fully understand online gambling odds when playing, betting, spinning or calling etc.

In everyday conversation, people use the words ‘odds’ quite a bit. When was the last time you heard or said, ‘What are odds that…?’ or ‘What are the odds!’ or ‘The odds are…’ etc. Odds are all around us and effect our everyday lives in terms of the decisions we make, for good or bad.

In online gambling, the odds are like a mask to a SCUBA diver. Without a good understanding of the odds, an online gambler may as well as use their betting money to make paper airplanes and fly them off the nearest bridge!

But what are casino game odds? In short, casino game odds are the mathematical representation of the basic probability of a potential outcome. Take, for example, the coin flip before a soccer game. A coin only has two sides, and therefore only two possible outcomes or results. Thus, the odds of either heads or tails coming up are 50%, or as expressed in ratio form as 1:2 or 1 to 2.

These odds are easy to calculate because we are dealing with a 2-sided coin with only 2 possible results. Imagine how complex the odds become when dealing with a deck of 52 cards or two 6-sided dice, or the numbers, and ‘black’ or ‘red’ of a roulette table etc. Now things are getting pretty complicated!

However, do not despair. The objective of this article is to simply make you aware of the importance of exclusive online gambling odds when gaming. There are plenty of good internet casinos sites – find the best here at top10onlinecasinos.biz – that explain odds in great detail as well as many gambling publications available in good bookstores. Good Luck!


Playtech Games

When you start out online looking for the best casino for you to play at you more than likely won’t have very much knowledge about the industry. This is why the very first thing that you should do is familiarize yourself with a few different online casinos, without playing at them. Just take your time looking around on them and taking note of what they are all about. Once you have a good idea of what an online casino is about, you can start looking for the best one for you to join. There is one name that you will see a lot and that is Playtech. This is due to the fact that the Playtech games are some of the very best on the Internet.

If you want to be sure you are joining an online casino that will meet your needs with regards to the games you want to play and will offer you a lot of fantastic games, then look for those offering Playtech games. There are different reasons these games are some of the best online. These reasons include the variety. There are a lot of different games and types of the games. The next reason is that Playtech casino games are known for having pretty user friendly interfaces which makes them easier for the newest players to jump on and have a great time on. These games are also good for all budgets and they are known for offering potentially amazing sized payouts. Then, the graphics, themes, and even sound quality all come together to offer games that stand out from all of the rest and really capture player’s attention.

Playtech games are offered in all different types. This means you can play slots, video poker, card games, table games, and specialty games that will offer you the chance to have a whole lot of fun and hopefully win a lot of money. Some of the games offer simple and more basic designs that will fit the needs of newer players and other games offer players the chance to enjoy amazing graphics and games that have an impressive amount of features. These games are often said to be great because they put the players more in charge of the gaming experience by offering a lot of player options that give the players the chance to change different aspects of the game.

When you want to go on the Internet and be able to play games that are worthy of your time, effort, and money then you need to look for the games that are considered to be the best in the industry already. These would be Playtech games and looking for them first will save you a lot of time and effort. Once you play some of these games you will know that this is the name for you to be on the lookout for. Plus, some of the most popular and highly respected online casinos are the Playtech ones. Just buy learning this name you will already be doing yourself a favor.


Top UK bookmakers

What are top UK bookmakers and how do we know which UK bookmakers are the best? Let us address an answer to a question that you should have. You should ALWAYS question the legitimacy of a website advertising online bookmakers. Sad but true, many websites advertising bookmakers aren’t looking out for their readers and are advertising bookmakers that may be shady, operate in an unethical manner, or in some cases may be complete scams. How do we know the bookmakers on this site are solid? We are industry insiders that have over 10 combined years in this business and only deal with the proven cream-of-the-crop bookmakers. The bookmakers we advertise have been in business for years, have solid track history with regards to payments to players, have good easy to navigate websites, and most importantly our advertising bookmakers pay fast! Don’t risk playing with crappy bookmakers! Stick to top-sportsbook.net endorsed bookmakers so you don’t have to sweat getting paid!


Fun for profit at Virgin Casino

There is no denying the fact that Monopoly is a great game. It is one of the most well-known board games in the world. There’s only one problem with it: the colorful paper money you earn while playing can’t be spent on real stuff!

At Virgin Casino, things work a little differently. They have combined the best parts of the Monopoly board game with a five-reel slot called Monopoly On A Roll that brings together the best of both worlds. The slot’s reels are filled with classic Monopoly symbols, like Mr. Moneybags, and play tokens from the game. Features like the Pass Go Bonus and the Community Chest Instant Bonus are designed to help players win even more cash.

The game works great on a netbook. I tried it out at Virgin Casino, which runs on WagerWorks software. There, all games launch in a new window, letting players focus on the actual gameplay. Plus, the game’s smart resize technology means that it fits perfectly on all netbook screens! There is no need to resize or change any settings – it just works.

Virgin Casino is filled with instant play online casino games like this one. When signing up, new players can expect to be greeted with a 100% welcome bonus. After this, keep an eye on the casino’s website to find out about all the latest daily and monthly promos. Plus, don’t forget to take advantage of their unique V*POINTS system, which can earn you everything from casino cash to airline miles. Join today, and play Monopoly On A Roll to use your netbook to the fullest!


UK Online Casinos Guide For Better Bonuses

The preference of online UK casinos is vast and it can be immense for beginners who are just boarding on this platform. This is to guide you through the process of getting the right destination in terms of casino for you. Extensive feedbacks can help you to find the right one that best fits your style and budget. As a defensive measure to all online champs in London and other countries, we only feature UK casinos in good state with the UK Gambling Commission. Authoritative gambling is inspired, and readers must be at least cross 18 years of age limit to play online casinos.

Are you playing for fun or just looking for free casino games? Play for free or play for real money, we only review UK online casinos that have been properly licensed. Before entering any website please read gaming guide to gain well over £ in free welcome bonuses and have an idea about the terms & policies of use. You can learn new gambling tips, tricks & Knowledge that which brand has the supreme paying jackpots and featuring slot devices. Learn the fine things about games you always wanted to play but never knew about the rules of the game. Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, our pervasive study will guides you about the game and will make you fully comfortable and will convert you into responsible and smart wagers.

An online Casinos score is based on a number of factors like – the software, graphics and visual dominance, bonuses and exaltation, diversity of games, ease of deposit and withdrawals, and the average user review. But that’s not at all! We also have user testimonials sections which let you know about each casino from different convenience points – our editorial review and based on regular online casino players like you.

Players are recognized at almost every casino although many prefer to choose casinos based within the UK for amenities with currency commutation. UK casinos are well-traditional gaming brands and offer high-quality games, huge exaltation and big jackpots.


UK Casino Promotions

There are various sign-up promotions and offers which players enjoy once they open new betting accounts with some of the verified UK online casino sites. Some offer a welcome bonus of £300, £400, £600 while others offer as high as £700 to £1,000. In either way, players are recommended to check on the types of promotions offered by some of the best UK casinos before opening an account. Below are some of the trusted UK casinos which offer the best sign-up promotions and offers.


though new in the online gaming arena, CasinoCruise has kept itself apart from other sites through offering a generous £1,000 first bet bonus once you’ve opened an account and deposited first amounts. In addition to this, new customers will be given 100 free spins to their favorite slots alongside a wide array of bonuses such as free plays in the weekends and holiday giveaways.

888 Casino

888 offers their customers with a superb £800 reward once you open an account and make first deposits. In addition to this, customers are offered refer-a-friend bonuses which amount to £100 for each friend who joins. There are other weekly promotions in the pipeline which customers are set to enjoy once they join the site.


As one of the oldest brands in the online betting industry, InterCasino offers some of the best bet bonuses and promotions as compared to other sites. New customers enjoy an exclusive £600 first deposit bonus once they sign-up and deposit funds. New customers will also benefit from other promotion packages such as cashback Mondays, free bet weekends, additional bonuses and weekly new games.

Winner Casino

new customers who join Winner Casino are offered a 500% bet bonus of up to £1,000 once they open a new account. Customers who show their loyalty are offered royalty promotions as well as VIP treatments and bonuses. Finally, the site features a refer-a-friend program which rewards customers who invite their friends in the site.